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After breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel and then escort you to Dongchuan Red Land for about 3 hours’ driving (150km northeast from Kunming downtown).Dongchuan Red Land located at 1,800-2,600 meters above sea is the most typical, featured and grand red land in the whole world. Upon arrival in Lincang, your tour guide and driver will meet you and escort you to the hotel in Fengqing County for a rest. Then you can have a free leisure around the city for the rest of the day. Day 2 Fengqing/Lincang/Jingdong Meals: B, L, D. After breakfast, you will pay a visit to Dianhong Group, Dianhong Ecological Tea Garden in Fengqing ... Peoples of Yunnan Yunnan is the most ethnically varied province in China. The following is an outdated yet interesting excerpt from Yün-nan, the Link between India and the Yangtze, by Major H.R. Davies, 1909, pp. 332-333. For up to date information regarding specific ethnicities, see the List of Chinese Ethnic Groups at English Wikipedia.An enthnic distribution map in Chinese can be found ... İzmir Yunan Escort Bayanı TİNA Gerçekten İzmir’de ki Beylere Harika Zevkler Sunacağına Benziyor I am sincere, honest, kind, passionate, and easy-going, smart, healthy and fun personality with a leisure time, In . I like swimming, travel and outdoors or stay at home and quietly reading a book, looking for m I ' an exotic man who would like to be my best friend, lover and would like to spend the rest of life with me. Escort Ceylan – Cennet – Küçükçekmece (1230 okunma) Yeni Balıketli Escort Buse – Bahçelievler (1152 okunma) ÇITIR GRUP ESCORTLAR AYCA SİMGE (1079 okunma) Yunan Güzeli Olga – BAHÇELİEVLER (1030 okunma) Sefaköy Escort Bayan Eylül (968 okunma) Yeni Sınırsız Escort Melis – Şirinevler (945 okunma) Sefaköy Eskort TUĞBA ... 31 y. o. ♀ China , Yunnan , Kunming Aquarius, 165 cm (5' 5''), 50 kg (111 lbs) kindness and intelligence are equally important. My Mr. right and I could understand each other easier if we have similar values.Faithful, caring and give me a sense of security.30.. yunan siteleri pass Konusu Araçları ... izmir escort izmir escort gaziantep escort canlı bahis siteleri tipobet bahis siteleri kaçak iddaa canlı bahis mobilbahis deneme bonusu deneme bonusu bodrum escort kuşadası escort türkçe altyazılı porno hack forum porno escort izmit antalya escort çekmeköy escort sancaktepe escort sultanbeyli ... Ve tabi ki Yunan Adaları deyince akla ilk gelen isim, İstanbul’dan uçakla direkt gidebileceğiniz Mykonos. “Mykonos’a gidecekseniz ve uyumayacaksınız” dersek yeridir. Sabahın ilk saatlerine kadar süren çılgın ve sınır tanımayan gece hayatıyla günahlarınıza yenilerini ekleyebilirsiniz. Comments GoKunming • August 19, 2020, 11:18am Kunming floods overnight gracetesla • August 17, 2020, 12:37pm Severe flooding brings disaster to region Ocean • August 17, 2020, 7:49am Return of Kunming street markets joming • August 11, 2020, 1:58pm Lugu Lake airport officially opens for business

Benedict Xia The Blind Son of Heracles

2020.06.18 07:29 OuzzBuffer Benedict Xia The Blind Son of Heracles

General Info:
Family Info:
Relationship Name Age Additional Info
Father Heracles 4000+ probably Famous Greek Hero
Mother Lily Xia 45 Owns a Martial Arts School in China, teaches martial arts to students
Ben doesn't worry about what others think of him or his blindness. He did get a lot of gossip from students in his mother's martial arts school but he just ignored most of it. He may look tough but inside he is gentle and he can be caring for his closest friends and family. He can also be very understanding, especially towards people with similar disabilities. Despite his blindness, he believes there is nothing he can't do that other people can do, but of course he faces struggles. Over the past few years he had accepted and embraced his blindness, so he has a lot of willpower in doing something. At first he wanted to give up but he quickly accepted his fate and started to work hard to be able to live a somewhat normal life, thus he is also quite hardworking if he wants to be.
Medical conditions:
Weapon of Choice:
Ben mainly prefers hand-to-hand combat using martial arts, but to kill monsters his mother gave him a bo staff with Celestial Bronze ends. He almost never uses sharp weapons as he might hurt himself easily, though he has trained briefly with blades.
Benedict is born in the Yunan province of China. His mother and Heracles met during his mom's trip to America. He trained with martial arts from his mom since he was 3 or 4 years old. His mother taught him to use his Aerokinesis powers to guide him around, so he is aware that he is a demigod, but he was only claimed when he was the age of 8. He still needs to ask for directions as he adjusts to a new environment, maybe even ask for someone to guide him. Contrary to popular belief, his other senses are not enhanced. He can notice and hear things if he tried, but it is just as good as other people. He trained for 13 years in martial arts, specifically in Wing Chun. He didn't meet any monster attacks until he was 15, since most monsters were in America. His demigod scent got stronger as he grew older so his mom decided to send him to Camp at the age of 17. His mother didn't remarry, and she continues to teach her students until this day.
Now: (Italics are them speaking in Chinese)
Ben stands in front of Camp Half-Blood after a long flight from China. His good friend and mentor, Charlie was by his side. He had taught Ben the basics of martial arts and now he is escorting him to Camp, because Ben needs a guide. They were lucky to not have monsters on their trail.
"So, this is it. I don't see anything in front except for a strawberry field but I guess you do," Charlie said to Ben, giving him a hard pat on the back.
"Yeah, I see it," Ben replied sarcastically, giving an annoyed look at his friend. He had a backpack and his bo staff on his back.
Charlie chuckled a little. "I'm sorry, I tend to forget, even if it has been 10 years now," he said, putting his hands on his hips. "I'm sorry that I can only bring you this far, you'll have to depend on yourself from now, and hope that someone guides you inside," he told Ben.
Ben nodded as he faced the direction of Charlie's voice. "I know, mother told me mortals can't see the camp, I don't blame you," he told him, managing a smile. "Thank you for escorting me here, Charlie."
"Just doing my job," Charlie replied, chuckling a little. "I'll miss you Ben, visit if you can," he told Ben as he patted his shoulder one last time before getting back into the cab.
Ben nodded at him one last time before facing forward as he heard the engines of the cab drive away. He couldn't see the road ahead, but as he walked in front he could sense a hill coming up. As he walked to the hill, he felt a pull towards the camp so kept walking down it, hoping that someone will come and guide him around. He felt bad having to bother someone, but he doesn't really have a choice.
(OOC: So this is my new character Benedict. My other character, Lucas Frost, will still be interacting normally, so don't worry about that.)
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