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If it is a paid dating site, provide details for payment and settle the fees. Now, you can start browsing the website or app and find potential matches! Paid vs. Free Lesbian Dating Sites. When looking for the best lesbian dating apps and sites, you will be confronted with two choices; free and paid. Lesbian dating?We know you’re more substance than just a selfie. OkCupid shows off who you really are, and helps you connect with lesbian singles you’ll click with. Meet people as individual as you are so you can go on better dates right now. Sign up. You should message me if. Welcome to Lesbian Dating Site, a fun online space to meet lesbians in your area. Start lesbian dating here and meet fun, flirty girls. Find someone to go long walks with and snuggle up on the couch with. Connect with genuine lesbians that want to find friendship and love. Join the lesbian chat forums to interact with our community. Profiles in United States of America. Only Women has a great community of lesbian and bisexual women datung in United States of America. If you're looking for friends, chat or dating in United States of America, then Only Women is a great place to be. Online dating as a lesbian, for the most part, still involves having to deal with men. Many sites continue to surface guys as potential mates, despite setting your preferences otherwise. Lesbian Dating If you're new to online dating, we have loads of tips and advice on women blog to help you find your feet best the community, and Soulmates users are very welcoming. Date safe Our unique privacy and moderation they make messaging and lesbians potential Soulmates simple, secure and stress-free. The searching system is the most unique and convenient among other lesbian dating sites. You can set up the search all according to your own ideas of what makes a perfect partner. If appearance matters to you a lot, be sure to tick the traits you are fond of. If it is important for you to share the hobbies with a woman you are in love with, you ... PinkCupid is a leading lesbian dating site, helping thousands of lesbian singles find their match. As a large online lesbian community, we are one of the most trusted places for women to connect, fall in love and get to know each other. Whether you're looking for a friend or the love of your life, find them a fun and secure environment on ... While not strictly a lesbian dating app, Bounce's unique structure is worth checking out. Users 'check in' when they feel like going on a date, and get matched with other local singles in real time. Lesbian Dating with EliteSingles. According to recent statistics, the LGBT community makes up roughly 5% of the American population, but where are all the lesbian singles?Unless gay bars are your thing, dating is a game of guess and check; knowing who is gay, let alone who is single and interested in more than friendship, can be quite a challenge.

I'm a lesbian but I have a crush on a guy

2020.09.16 10:26 DetectivesLuthor I'm a lesbian but I have a crush on a guy

Yall I need help. All my life I've identified myself as a lesbain, only ever dated women, never interested in men, the thought made me sick. But then I met a guy named Chris, and I suddenly just had the urge to impress him, make him think I'm cool. At first I thought it was just because he was an upperclassmen at the time. But then I asked myself, if he asked me to date him, would I say yes? And my answer is yes. But only, him. I feel like I'm betraying my friends, fsmily, and other lesbains. Lesbains aren't supposed to like guys, that the point. And I'm an out lesbain to all my family and friends, right now I idenfy as queer but no one knows. I'm posting this on a lesbain thread because I feel like it will help me. But in no way shape or form am I mocking lesbains, and that there can be am exception if it's one guy.
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2020.08.12 17:05 translator-BOT [META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-08-12, Week 32

Here are the posts from the last week still marked as "Unknown." Please help identify them if you can!
Date Title Author
2020-08-12 [Unknown > English] Can someone help me translate/identify what's on this vintage piece? u/aazz341
2020-08-12 [Unknown>English] If anyone knows what this says, i would appreciate you so much!! u/StrawberryPunk82
2020-08-11 [Unknown > English] Found under current flooring. Pic might be upside down? u/Background-Mouse
2020-08-11 [Unknown > English] Any idea what this says? Came from Afghanistan. Not sure if it’s Pashto, Dari, or Arabic. Also not sure if the letters are right side up or upside down. Filtere u/justagruntie
2020-08-11 [Unknown > English] Decorative piece found at Goodwill u/mercurialohearn
2020-08-11 (Unknown>English) Puzzle: Can anyone figure out the language and transcribe/translate this song snippet? u/BlackRosePetalz
2020-08-10 [Unknown> English] On the back of Buddha necklace u/TriTriTriPoloski
2020-08-09 [Unknown > English] Katana inscription u/sk0ut29
2020-08-09 Unknown > English My Great-Grandmother's Favorite Plate u/BionicBisonR
2020-08-08 [Unknown>English] My dad drew this on the cover of a book of his drawing and writings, he drew it other times throughout the book. He's a vietnam vet if that helps. u/VitalVoluntarist
2020-08-07 [Unknown > English] Can anyone tell me anything about the writing on the front of this chalkware statue? u/agusanseo
2020-08-07 [unknown > English] Was left at a local business u/2DareIs2DEW
2020-08-07 [Unknown -> English] What is this?? Someone posted this online and captioned it "Women" u/JawGBoi
2020-08-07 [Unknown u/Eatmydonkey1
2020-08-06 [Unknown > English] Strange Wall art... which language is this? u/branches-bones
2020-08-06 Sorry it’s so quiet, [Unknown>English] u/BadishAsARadish
2020-08-06 [Unknown > English] I don’t know if this is broken English or another language. Please help. u/DaScrxb
2020-08-06 [Unknown -> English] u/Lesbain-junction
Please make any identifications on the individual request pages.
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2020.07.30 05:49 UnderGrownTurnips How I Found Out My Sexuality And The Heartbreak And Supporter

So keep in mind I'm a young Redditor (turned ten this year), so this could be very wrong and I'm just seeing it the wrong way. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate in the comments for being a lesbian ( now non-binary). C= Me, who people refer to Camryn or Cam K= Kate my best friend from school (fake name) P= Piper my crush from school (fake name) T= Tom my worst enemy from school (fake name) V= Victoria one of my best friends from Tenis (fake name) L= Lucy my other best friend from tennis (fake name) VC= Victorias crush LC= Lucys crush
Keep in mind that all my friends can be absolute, pardon my word choice, assholes. I and my friends are very close. Like, we would tell each other anything and would sit together in any way possible.
So one day in class (2020 but before COVID was big), P was being an, pardon my word choice, asshole. Pulling on my hair (I had particularly knotty and long hair that day), sitting on my foot (probably payback form me doing the exact same a few days ago) etc. My birthday was nearby and I didn't have the invitations yet. I told myself, no filter, Stop fucking around, your on the edge of getting kicked out of the party! But instead of saying what I was meant to say, I said politely as I possibly could, Please stop pulling on my hair. P stopped and she continued to sit with me. My brain said (automatically), "Now that's how to treat your crush.".
That day was Friday. On Monday, after school, I went to tennis and we discussed this is how the conversation went.
V= Let's go in the bathroom so the others won't hear us. (There were another group of girls that we were all friends with them but not best friend with them)
L= Yeah, that way our secrets are safer!
We walked in and they had a girl around the corner spying. We moved somewhere else and no one was there.
C= So I'm *struggles to say lesbian as I have trouble pronouncing certain words* Lesbain. (Now non-binary)
V= Who's the unlucky gal?
L= Who is it?
C= A girl fr- Did you say unlucky gal? (I'm known at Tenis as the one who would snap your neck if you do something to me or my friends)
V= Yeah.
C= *Takes a deep breath* It's a girl from my school called P-
L+V= Penny!
C= No! *Counts to ten and does some meditation* Her name is Piper.
L= Oh that girl?
V= Your best friend!
They both confessed and then later, this happened.
We (C+L) were trying to ship V with VMBB (Victorias Might Be Boyfriend). This is what happened.
C= Come one, don't you like her?
VMBB= No! I'd rather be gay than date her!
I was heartbroken and was almost crying because of my sexuality (almost because we were playing a turn-based version of Tenis).
He later said he has nothing against the LBGTQ+ community. He just wasn't gay.
We don't like him much anymore because of that line but that meant the plan went into action. You see, because of the hatred that the LBGTQ+, we had a plan if something didn't work out. I have a lot of ways to access law books and we had a plan. If one of them didn't work out (so far in the story only Victorias hasn't worked out), we would ignore them until we are the legal age to move out.
Perhaps we would stay a little longer because we would by a house before we move and then arrive. Because of that, I plan to study medicine, all computer courses in college and teaching courses. Medicine is pretty obvious because I don't particularly want to have them get sick. Computers are less obvious. Because I'm an introvert, I would prefer to either work from home or be an IT person and I'm pretty good with computers. And I love learning and I'm pretty smart for my grade.
Later I was texting with K. This was it.
C= I have a secret, but you must not tell a soul.
K= I promise.
C= I'm lesbian.
Kate goes through "my dad checks my phone" and she confesses something.
K= I'm also lesbian.
Anyway, after I tell her who, she says this:
K= Didn't you know?
C= Know what?
K= Piper has a BF.
C= Boyfriend?
K= Yeah. Tom.
I was shocked but then we deleted the messages so I don't remember all of it.
Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do?
Edit: I still like girls but I'm now non-binary so that's why it may have changed since you last saw it.
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2020.07.28 14:22 ImpossiblyProbable59 Why doesn't my mom just accept me?

I'm gay. A lesbain. 100% into girls. I have a girlfriend, who I will be calling Mary. Mary was my best friend for a year and a half before we started dating about three months ago. I love her a lot.
My Dad has been pretty relaxed about me coming out, he doesn't really care but he supports me and even bought me a pride pin.
My mum on the other hand is having a very difficult time coming to terms with it. She's always saying these snide little comments or asking really dumb questions.
Some examples:
That's just a few examples. She also refuses to call Mary my girlfriend and calls our dates, "hanging out". Its so annoying, I just want her to accept me and the girl I love. Why is this so hard for her?
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2020.07.27 12:48 27JJulbarium Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?

Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?
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2020.07.27 11:52 27JJuldacket Da-ting Si-tes for Married Cou-ples

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2020.07.12 14:40 cisfootgrl My Foot Experiences With My Les Dates

In some of my lesbain/bi/pan dates whom I met from dating apps pre-lockdown, I have been experimenting with some foot fetish fun. One of my BFFs recommended I try this endeavor out, and, so far, I have gotten hooked. Some of my experiences involved sniffing and tasting feet (my favorites are sweaty/dirty feet - I know; I am weird ;>). I suppose it is that I like keeping things neat.
The downside is some of the feet I have tried out were just unbearable. Now, no disrespect, I liked my dates and can tolerate a moderate amount of pungent feet. However, there are times I had to stop sniffing and tasting them altogether. Even some of my dates had awful toe jams that I could not touch.
Can anybody relate to my experiences? Should I try to adjust myself to such situations?
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2020.07.08 21:41 lesbian_weeabo Entitaled lady is mad I look like a guy,and wont date her son to be a 'real woman'

HI GUYS! What's up, this is my first post here,I'm on mobile,and sorry if this sucks. This was before covid, and I'll add some back round that may help you understand somethings.
I am 14, a girl,and in my username it clearly states I'm a lesbain. So yea,woman! I personally like asui from bnha,yes that's important later. I also have short ,boyish hair,and if you were not paying attention,I could look like a guy,but when this happened it was a bit longer and shamrock green,but I admit I did look a bit like a guy. Also,I curse like my dad,I'm not meant to, but I do.Anyway,onto the story!
Cast:EL(entitaled lady) ET (embarrassed teen) ME(minecraft enderman) HC(hot topic clerk)
I was walking threw a mall near where I live, going into different shops,like suncoast and hot topic,I noticed a asui plushie near by and grabbed it hugging it tightly,I was stroking its cheek stairing at it and smiling like a idiot,HC noticed and walked over smiling
HC: hello,I noticed you seem fond of asui?
I nodded and she told me there was more merch of her in the back, so I rushed over (no I didnt by the plushie,if you are woundering,it was expensive,I DID get a toga hoodie though.) There was almost no one back there,but I was having fun, looking around and fangirling and felt a tap on my shoulder
ET:excuse me sir,can you help me out?
I guess he thought I was a worker because I was going threw and semi organizing stuff, because when I turned and said I was a girl, he seemed to laugh a bit,apologize and walk off. After a few moments I felt some one turn me around, I froze when I saw a lady glaring at me like I had killed a baby.
EM: why do you have a boy hair cut?! Your a girl!
I go to awnser but she must have noticed my rainbow stripes on my sleeve
EM:are you a faggot?!
Me:I'm not a faggot. I'm a lesbian. Now can I go back to fangirling over my anime wife or do you want me to keep dealing with your bs?
ET rushes over and tries to get her away,but she starts yelling at me, then,she says it
EM: you should date my son,and be a real woman!
I sigh and get closer to her
Me:no.fuck off and leave me alone.
After a bit HC comes over and asks them to leave, and ET convinced his mom, I know this sounds fake,but what can I do? Force you to believe it? Anyway,I'll add more story's later. Have a great day!
Edit:hey,I just ended a two year friend ship with some one who was pretty much my big sisterxand I've been really upset,if you guys could not comment for a bit,but if you do,please just say somthing nice, it would make me feel better,
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2020.06.15 22:37 Bluellan My nannas response to nosey church women

My mother started dating my father (who was 10 years older) when she was a teen. My grandparents, her parents, tried to stop it, but my mother ran away with him at 17-18. My mother then had kid after kid after kid to totalling to 11 kids. Unfortunately, my parents were horribly abusive and got all their children removed. I and my 5 sisters ended up with my mother's parents. It's my 2 elder sisters, me and my 3 younger sisters.
Unfortunately, my eldest sister turned 18, moved out, dropped out of school, got pregnant, married, had the baby, left the father, gave up custody rights to her son, and moved to another state. She's remarried and has another son, so hopefully she's on a better path.
Second eldest sister turned 18 and left home after wrecking her car. She married, had a baby boy, but left the father because he was abusive. Now she's engaged to a man she's dated for 3 years and seems to be doing okay. Good for her.
Now there's me. I didn't leave at 18. I stayed and went to college. I moved out when I was 20 and I turned 26 last week. I've never had a boyfriend and so no baby. My nanna and family don't care and have given up on me having a husband or baby.
Now my old church is really "Get married young and immediately start pumping out kids". They also hated my siblings and I because of our parents. They predicted that we would turn out no better then our parents. And when my sisters went wild they were happy, because they were right. They just wait for me to mess up too........ And it never happened. They even tried starting rumors to make it seem like I'm a " Bad girl" And my nanna and sister shut them down.
When I first moved away, I moved several hours away. It was in the summer time, and I told no one but my family. So when I stopped showing up for church they wondered what happened to me. During all this, I never once look at a boy. Didn't even try. So they would ask my nanna constantly if I had a boyfriend now that I moved away. The answer was always no. Then it came to a head
Church lady:So does Bluellan have a boyfriend yet?
Nanna: No. She's just living her life and trying to survive.
Church lady: Oh cause she's getting older (I was 21) and she's running out of time and
Nanna: She's very picky about who she wants! What? Do you want her to just take any man that walks by?
Church lady: No no no of course not!
Nanna:So she's just waiting until the right man and the right time.
That was it..... Until they started up the rumor that I was a lesbain because I had no man.
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2020.06.08 03:34 noicelemons i am a gay (homosexual) man (real man not fake like a tran): here is my opinon on jkr

hello my name is white anglo saxon protestant faggot with a large following on twitter and a home in the white suburbs of minneapolis. my opinion on jkr matters bc i am lgbt gay (which means i am systematically oppressed 😭).
today, right after i posted a black square on instagram with hashtag blm, i found the ✨iconic tweet✨ by OUR WIZARD BRITISH SISTER JK ROWLING. SHE IS RIGHT. what if i unknowingly invited a trans "man" to my house for sex and he bled all over my leather couch??? she would be destroying my PROPERTY. tif trans "men" periods hurt gay men!!! and as a cis (real) man i wasn't taught how to deal with periods because periods are for WOMEN.
and jkr has a point about biological sex!!! listen guys, i LOVE trans people!!! seriously!!! but wtf i dont want to date grody vagina-havers. stop pushing your way into our community!!! i don't actually know what a vagina looks like but i know it's for WOMAN. TIFS ARE WOMAN.
and omg i cant imagine how oppressed the lesbians feel!!! im so glad jkr shared story by her lesbain friend!!! im so glad someone can speak up for REAL lesbians, who are attracted to people with XX CHROMOSOMES!!! if they see a Y chromosome they would probably die 😰😰😰
TLDR; guys 😭 gay people have never been more oppressed before the age of the transgenders. IM SO GLAD QUEEN HARRY POTTER IS STANDING UP FOR US!!!
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2020.05.08 07:41 AfraidAsparagus5 Cannot have friends becaus of Nparent

When I was 13 for legal reasons my Ngaurdian got custody of me. I had a lot of mental health issues, but most prominently, social anxiety, which meant I didnt have many friends, and didnt really like going out or talking to people. My Ngaurdian would always go off about how I needed to stop faking it, and start acting like a normal kid and start meeting people. Eventually once I entered high school, I made a few close friends, and started hanging out with them, and going out more. Exactly what my Ngaurdian wanted, or so I thought. It didnt take long before she started accusing us of doing hard drugs, and having older boyfriends. She would literally yell at me for coming come high, and for going out with adult men. I, to this day, have never dated anyone, or even smoked marijuana, it literally made no sense. She would come up with these elaborate stories, and even contact random people on facebook claiming they knew me and my friends, and did drugs with us, it was insane. I started doing drug tests for about 3 months, and never once did one come back positive, and yet she still, even with evidence against her, got mad at me and my friend group for being drug addicts. She would constantly call CPS on my friends parents, and it got to the point, some social workers had to come to over, and tell her to chill the fuck out, and leave me and my friends and me alone, because none of them or their families were doing anything wrong. (Not those exact words of course, but you get what I mean). Its been 2 years, I'm 16 now, and shes still acting like this. Her latest story, is me and my best friend are actually a lesbain couple. It was funny at first, when she would just call us each others girl friends in a mocking way, because she thinks that being gay is a somehow an insult, but now shes taken it one step further, and decides to constantly tell my best friend and me we deserve to get raped, and murdered, for liking girls, and other extremly grotesque things. She will literally look us in the eyes, and casually say something like "yeah people like you shouldnt be alive". It's been 3 years of this shit, and now none of my friends parents want my friends around me, I just cant wait till I can move out, and not have to deal with my Ngaurdian anymore. I'm sorry this rant is so long, I just really needed to get it off my chest, it's been stressing me out for a long time.
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2020.04.19 07:34 imwellandgood I Recently Came Out...

I recently came out... but I'm worried people won't see my sexuality as legitimate since I've dated men previously... Is it common for other lesbians to be put off by women who has dated men previously, or women who came out at a later age? I'm 23, but I still feel like I won't be accepted in the lesbain community... Any advice/input?
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2020.04.14 01:45 les_lyf Happy lesbain noises. I'm dating Maru from Stardew Valley!

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2020.04.07 02:58 throwawayinfinite100 Do my opinons/preferances make me transphobic?

Hello people. I wanted to hear your thoughts on what makes someone transphobic and what doesn’t. I also want to know if I might be considered transphobic by trans people. So let me start off by saying that i’m cisgender and a lesbian. Now here are the points that I want to hear your thoughts on. Am I transphobic if: -I don’t want to date a trans woman if she she still has male genitals? -If I only want to date trans women who have fully transitioned? -If I were in a relationship with a cis lesbain and she comes out as a trans man, it would be okay for me to break up with them? Since they’re now a guy and I only get attracted to women?
Thats all. Let me know what you guys think and also if you want to, please point out what else might be considered transphobic. Thank you!
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2020.03.18 15:24 hayhay055 A Anime girl kissed me in my dream last night. What does that mean?

My dreams are like a book. But during what’s happening I know what the characters are feeling in the dream most of the time. Also I’m a huge weeb, so anime girls are going to pop up because I’m a Lesbain ass. Also I’m not a writer, so sorry if my descriptions are confusing and weird.
So I was at my school. But it wasn’t really my school. The world in the dream was a esper school. It was a normal day, tests and everything. I was walking home. The weird thing is that in real life my mom would be terrified if I walked home in real life. But the road was different. In the dream it was the Parkview road. The road changed, and I was lost. Cars were driving on the road and I didnt know what to do. I tried to walk home. I was dogging cars. But they seemed really weird. Even if I was right in front of them, they wouldn’t stop or slow down. Like they were destined to never stop. Also the way I tried to go home was weird. The road was VERY hilly. You know that game where you control a ball up in the air, then when you swipe down you see a hill and when the ball touches the hill on a slope it rolls through the hill and flies up even higher? That’s how I tried to go home.
According to the Dream I was doing this for miles and miles. Until it was almost dark, I couldn’t find my home. Somehow I had a map. When I checked the map, I saw that there was a huge slope. So high that it was in a 90 degree angle. I gave up. Then everything turned black. This is common in my dreams. My dreams are like a story, but the author trying everything to keep they story going on and failing.
Then I was home. I wanted to study for my test tomorrow. But somehow I knew that my Dad was coming because he wanted to fail me? My Real Dad in real life came in my room and said “Tomorrow is the due day for your esper testing. I’m sorry but we can’t find out if you will be a esper or not.” I was really sad. I wanted to know what power I had.
In school the next day. My real life classmate Mia, was playing with her esper abilities. It was like bright, glowing yellow powder. Somehow. The power got on my elbow. And we both started to play with it this boy joined in too, because he had some on his hands. This was really weird in my dreams because when they mention something like powers. They usually use it in a fight, or never show it at all. But here we were just playing.
After school I hung out in the hangout room. This is where the real stuff I wanted to talk about happened.
So I was in the hangout place with some anime girls. I was in one of the rooms. This girl named Yui, was actually Yui from Angel Beats. A anime I watched in real life. She was my least favorite character in the show. In the dream she was sitting on a alone bench in the room. Apparently in the dream I was her friend. Two other people were there, talking about something. She wanted someone to sit on the bench next to her, then she wanted that someone to kiss her. So my lesbian ass, sat next to her in the bench. I actually kinda wanted her to kiss me, since I probably will never have my first kiss in my whole life. But I pretended to sit close to her without hearing what she said. Then she turned over. We paused for a moment. I had just realized what I had done. She was going to kiss me.
I fell onto the floor. She went on top of me, in those anime positions, then kissed me. It wasn’t like a deep long kiss, it was short multiple kisses. Like your mom smooching your cheek 20 times, but on the lips. Or a child kissing a new pet nonstop. This made sense because it was her personality to act like a child. I wasn’t holding back, I actually liked it. The other people was watching us in shock, and thought that we were dating. After she was done. I ran into the other room. And said “I kissed Yui like 20 times!” The two girls in the room said “HUH!?!??!” With those shocked anime expressions on their face when they walk in a room at the wrong time. Then Yui walked in the room. Pushed me down again then kissed me again. Again the girls was watching us in shock, but I realized that I liked the kiss. Then I realized that Yui had a crush on me, and that’s why she was kissing me.
(Note: When she pushed me down it wasn’t like sexual assault. It was like I fell down then she got on top of me. For the other kiss in the other room, with Me and Yui. I wasn’t like trying to get off of her. I was just in too surprised to do anything.)
I wanted more of the kiss. So I tried to slip in some tongue. It worked and we were both French kissing for a little bit. She got up from the floor, so I did too. Apparently she also had that Yui personality from Angel Beats. And said “So! How are you going to rate the kiss! Also do you want to be girlfriends!” Huh? Well I wanted to rate it a 14/14. I started to blush hard and said “13/14, and yes. I do” What made it more surprising is that in the dream I thought all of this was real, and that my gay ass achieved a girlfriend. THEN THE FUCKING DREAM ENDED!!!!!! Now she’s my favorite character in Angel Beats lol. Also this is just right after I had the dream so I’m even more disappointed. I’m going to tell my friends about this dream.
Also what was interesting is that I watched Angel Beats last week. I haven’t been thinking about it much. My dreams usually pick up anime that I haven’t been thinking about lately. But I’ve been thinking about the Monogatari series so much that I was sure that one of the girls was going to pop up in my dream. But it was Angel Beats. Also dreams this weird is really common. Also I never had a dream that I was kissing someone, or anything lewd. I have a lot of weird dreams tho.
My dreams is like when you jump in the middle of the series without knowing the beginning and have no idea what is happening.
So should I count this as my first kiss and girlfriend? But in a dream? Because I’m probably never going to kiss anyone in real life besides my mom. :(
Also do you know what this dream means?
Tldr: I was in a esper school. Yui from Angel Beats kissed me on the ground.
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2020.03.17 00:37 Decent-Adeptness At what point am I being selfish?

Hi, there. 21 years. Female. Married to 24 year old male.
I'm currently writing this with a heavy heart and unpredictable future for myself; I confessed to my husband that I really want to pursue a relationship with a woman, no one specifially in mind, but I do have this huge crush of a lesbain woman who attends my college.
Background: We met through family. My dad is from another country and knew his parents. When my s/o got of a certain age, my dad "adopted" him and brought him here to the U.S. to get a better education and life. He started living w/ my sibling and family and I as my godbrother. I was in middle school at this point and already dating, so though his looks fit my fancy nothing happened. Years passed and we started dating when I was a few days shy of 16, in 10th grade. Everything was great, though some family tension sparked crazy stuff that sought to tear us apart. Fast forward to the start of my senior year, I'm just turning 18 and we get married for love and to help him het his papers. After h.s. the entire family moves to another city and now here we are. Everything was great from 2017 to late 2019 until I started to be influenced by things around me and ignite the idea that I'm not heterosexual (there's always been indicators growing up but I pushed them aside).
My husband is calling me a liar of everything I ever told him during our relationship, from loving him and always being together to our vows at the altar. He says I should've told him about my sexuality before we got together, but ot genuinely wasn't a focus for me. I told him that I also want to live on campus at college to gain my independence and sense of self and to explore, considering I've NEVER had that b/c my father is very strict.
Over the past few days, we've cried together, fucked, cried some more and try to comprise but it's not working. . .especially since we still live in the same house with my parents and we sleep in the same room. Still haven't told anyone the news.
So, at what point am I just being selfish? It's been almost 6 years and I'm just saying all of this now? I'm not taking his feelings into consideration? I feel devastated, especially seeing him cry b/c Ik he loves me and I love him too. I just need the time to myself to explore and figure out who I am. But I can't do so married. I want to know what it's like to be with a woman, romantically and sexually (he's open to a relationship as long as I don't live on campus, but I'm not for it and he says he's trying to compromise but I'm not).
I told him that I need this time and maybe back to him in the future, but he says it's selfish; he can't see himself w/ anyone else and doesn't want to and won't. Should I just throw away these thoughts and try to repair my marriage before we go the legal route of divorcing? Should I wait it out to see what happens (the environment is so bad for us to try to heal b/c we still share a room and I have nowhere to go)? Should I follow my heart/mind to explore (even though I can't see myself w/ anyone right now and just want to curl up with him forever)?
I label myself as queer but lately have feel playing w/ the lesbian term around friends who'll use it and idk. Reading books and interactive stories where I choose the lesbian route is sooo fulfilling to me - and I thought it would be satisfying enough to continue me marriage - but after breaking it off w/ my husband it doesn't feel right and I can't see myself w/ anyone but him...but then I think that I'll have those same feelings in the relationship if I don't deal with them.
Please help. Please. I need all perspectives.
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2020.03.09 17:45 removalbot 03-09 16:45 - '**Women should turn to lesbianism in mass in protest and solidarity for femicide in Mexico and worldwide** / My heart goes out for the tragedy happening to women in Mexico and worldwide likewise. Since governments don...' by /u/BlackMirrorS1E3 removed from /r/worldnews within 11-21min

Women should turn to lesbianism in mass in protest and solidarity for femicide in Mexico and worldwide
My heart goes out for the tragedy happening to women in Mexico and worldwide likewise. Since governments don´t give a damn about it despite women´s group outcries, then it´s time to go to the next step by taking matters into own hands and I don´t mean violent retaliation. Women should avoid all kinds of relationship with men: Romantic, platonic, professional, especially sexual and simply turn to lesbainism. This is in protest and solidarity for the terrible femicides in Mexico and worldwide. This will be like taking away a brat´s favorite toy, depriving men from sex & intimacy until they behave seems to be the best solution. The best relationship material for women is NOT the "ideal man", it's another woman Why? - Because women have the same qualities each other look for in a partner. Both have the same interests, passion and hobbies. They understand and relate better with each other. Observe how women are with their female friends, they bond naturally and get along so well like you'd think they are in a relationship except without the sex component. Take a look at women who date women and see how good their relationships are, it certainly makes women who date men envious, these women deep down they only seem to get off by their dildos and girl-on-girl porn. They aren't really turned on by men anymore.
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Author: BlackMirrorS1E3
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2020.03.09 06:26 shaikadnan My way or highway

So there it goes like this. I was doing course & there this girl also have been practicing with her bff. And her bff is hot & beautiful everyone fantasize her. I was interested in her, but other boy was already into her. So i didn't even think to approach her. So, the course ended & now after few months.
I text her flirtatiously & 2 days later asked her on date . And she rejected me. So, i use texting to only set up dates & didn't talk to her for awhile. And i called her few times she didn't pickup. But later called me & we had some conversations. And she was into me somewhat. I was one upholding the conversation for most of the time.
She don't have any interest as she said, so i asked about her family. And later that night she asked me to call & i said okay. And we talked for 2hours in between i again asked her on date and she slashed me that she is talking to me as friend & said don't go overboard. And i said to myself that how it ends. But she kept insisted to talk to me by texting, calling but i don't wanna talk to her. So, i knew this wouldn't go anywhere so i just talked trash about spiritual shit & she was bored as fuck with that stuff & thinking that I'm a weirdo.
Now i will not say to her don't text me or call me. Even if she does that i will ignore. And everything that she communicated she shared with her bff. And i was like WTF are you lesbain.
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2020.01.06 10:08 NoahTheTurtlez [rant] my single butt

So I didt really take any advise about braking up with my girlfriend (sorry) and we have still been together for the past few days but today something happed... so i kinda made her up set. basicly i said 'cool?' when i was suppost to put 'cool!' and she got mad. OUT OF NO WHERE. a burst of emotions, 'ARE YOU OKAY.' 'WHAT?!?!...' LIKE bruv world war 3 was on its way. and i tell her wut nothings wrong, then it gets deep. shes like 'i feel like... ever since we... got back together. we've never felt the same way. like the first time we dated... i dont feel happy, i forgot that i even have a gf most the time becasue it dosnt feel the same. we dont chat all the time anymore...' ( i have our chat up on my phone) ' we use to everyday but we dont anymore and it feels like you dont love me becase of that' ??? so at the point i told my crush and my bestie what was happing they all know i kinda hate her and that i only dated her case i cant say no when it comes to regecting someone. i know that mean but also at the time i still kinda had a crush on her.. but anyways i tell her thats not true then she say it just dosnt feel the same way anymore... so i this point i knew what she was doing so i said ' okay... i kinda feel like i know where this is going, you can brake up with me, do what u feel is right' ok so she knows that i have a crush on someone whilst dating her and me and my crush haven't evan hungout becase its the holidays we start school in 2days... but she is like ' i kinda feel like u like (my crush) and (a boy) more than me' like ofc i do ive know them longer than u also im lebain how do i like him and stuff.. 'i feel like im the least important onee and ive always felt like that with everything..' i was kinda confused why she brought that up so i said what do u mean...? then it came 'i think braking up would be the best thing fot us.. but i was afraid to do it case i didnt want to brake your heart again...' then i wasnt evan botherd by that but kinda mad and confused why she brought my friends into this?? so here i am kinda getting agressive?! ' wait what do u mean (the boy) and (my crush)' so then it kinda just gos down hill her: you have a crush on (my crush).. but i feel like you love her more then me... - by the way i was mad at my crush becase of an agruement- also, i feel like if you wanted to go- me: i cant her: -to the metro with someone you would pick them not me me: shes asexual her: ik me: ofc i would pick u - i actually would- her: and i dont feel that way.. and i havnt since weve got back together... me: okay... also what about (the boy) tho... what did you mean with (the boy) her: ihdk but i think us being apart is the best. find someone you like me: ... her: -she thinks you can change your sexuality every second- im gonna be asexual and not date anyone until i finf the right person im sorry its for the best... at this point i was ticked off becase of the whole going to lesbain to asexual to lesbain to bi to lesbain and now asexual owo me: okay... also.... you know what nvm her: what.. just say... me: i would but it woould make u mad at me her: just say it please.... idc if i get angry. i dont have any feel anything rn.. im feeling weird rn like i dont feeel anything but sadness or actually nothing... i get ready for the rage. me: ok... her: ... me: you CANT change your sexuality like that!!! GOD its so frustrating... asexual means you have no sexual feelings for anyone at all times. lesbain, bisexual and poop means you have sexual feelings for a girl. boy and girl and stuff at different times in your life. you can not be asexual if u had a crush on me becase that eould have ment you hsd sexual feelings for me. just becase we stopd dating or you stoped having feelings for me dose not mean you are now asexual!! it dosnt work like that do your reserch your making a fool out of the lgbt+ community. i told her she was gonna get mad she said she wasnt but here we go. her: the funny thing is (DEAD NAME!) I DID IT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. me: you asked for this her: i never had a crush on you the second time. i did it to make u happy. ive been asexual ever since we broke up the first time. SO NO. I DIDNT ask for this. i didnt feel right knowing i had a gf that i didnt evan LOVE. me: no u didnt you dint have to make anyone happy. i actually didnt have a crush on u and did it becase you asked me out to go with u and i cant regect becase i would feel bad at the point she started sending voice mails her: i did it to make you any everyone happy.. (snifs) thats all i ever do now, i dont make my self happy (long snif) i make everyone else happy, ; like ( the girl who had a crush on me), you our friend group and thats it. HHHHhh, im also waste everyones time...okay so thats why i did it, so people would actually be happy, for YOU to be happy case i thought u acctuly liked me. so why did you just not reject me, WHY didnt you just say no. well i dont care if you dont wanna feel bad. just if u dont love is, i dont care, OK!. if you didnt like is it wouldnt of matterd....HHh theres lodes of other poeple in the world you know HHh everyone, well mostly everyone anyways finds there special someone ok.... HHHh if you didnt feel the same way so why didnt you brake up with me.. since u didnt like me. me: case at the time i did kinda like you. why did u say you like me you said ' aww we still havnt kisssed yet' her: i said to you, i did it to make you happy OK...but the thing is you dont get that..- of corse i do?? like is she daff- HHHhh yeah you really dont get that....becase if didnt feel the same you didnt talk to me every single day - do i need to some peeps need space- like we use to, you didnt seem the same...an than got is thinking, it seemed a little bit supicious. so now your acctuly saying the truth that u didnt evan love is - bishhh u did either dont make me the bad guy- HHHhh mmm yeahh...thx for that.. me: well if you wernt happer you could have said sooner me agian: everything wasnt up to me! i didnt have to start the conversations her: i we kiessed everyone would have been happy her i couldnt have said it sooner becase i wanna make everyone else happy becase... all my life...MMMhhh ive wased everyones time and i thought that i was never good enough, until you came along you said u had a crush on me, i belived you. the second time i thought it was alittle bit suspicious that yah STILL LIKED IS and that i though you got over is. and likee i said i thought we could kiss case every one would be happy. (frieend, girl who had crush on me) would be happy whe i told (girl who liked me) that we were going out again she didnt really care...HHhh and.. SHoo i kne3w she would react like that but yah naa..Hhh as soon as went back to school then everyone hurd about me and you going out everyone would be happy. and sick of wasting peoples time so i just try to make everyone happy is that good enough for yah. me: wow so this isnt even for me but for everyone else. then she brings up a sensitive subject, self harm... her:my parents still dont know that i self harmed millions times... they think ive only done it twice.. but ive HHHhh ive done it about 8 times Hh EIGHT TOTAL TIMES. them they thing ive only done it twice SHHhh most people dont even care when i tell them Hhh, the only person thats cared was ( girl i dont know) me: - just saying she kept sending voice mails to fast and i couldnt re spond fast- so thats why you wanted to kiss me her: IT WAS FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE... ok her: no maby if i kissed yah that would have change how i felt but no i broke up with you because i thought it was the right thing to do me: how is self harm involeved her: because u know that i did it once and you didnt tell anyone HHHh a true girlfriend would tell someone becase they would be worried Hhhmmm but yeah. now ive just got scars so yeah but im fineshed this convosation, dont bother texting case im not going to reply. me now very mad: WHY THE FUGE DO U EXPECT ME TO TELL SOMEONE, U WANTED SOMEONE TO KNOW, NOT ME. her: you would have worried ?? me: U SHOULD OF DONE IT YOUR SELF. I WAS WORRIED!! BUT YOU SHOULD NOT BLAME THAT ON ME... that was all you. that want on me.i wasnt the one self harming u were!!! her: i was to scared to tell someone and u probly knew that if you acctuly listend to what i was talking about.... the first time we went out i ALWAYS came over yours ok. then... uh im pretty sure i told you uhn and you didnt care - bishh yes i did i told you to stop.. uh i thought u stoped- and you uhh didnt tell someone so yeah and i was to scared to tell some one case my mom said she would sent back to the doctors if she...uh knew i was doing it again so there you go. me: u should have told someone. also we never talked about this her: yeah whatevr like i said i was to scared to tell my mom so yeh an im sick of this convosation im not leting it go any further... uhm im done ok thats it me: i did care... OMFG bwbehs9w. then i blocked her so yeah...never again...whooo sorry for the bad spelling hope I don't see her in my life
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2020.01.01 02:11 NoahTheTurtlez [rant] Is my girlfriend toxic.

So I started dating my girlfriend in November but ever since I dated her she wanted me to hang out with her and I couldnt get time alone or hang out with friends and family. Its kinda a problem because Im not use to always being out All the time and if we're not hanging out we are texting and face calling. I wanna tell her I need space but that would case problems with our relationship because she gets mad easily. Aswell as that, when we're at school she's mean to my friends. I'll be with my friends at lunch and she will come over, my 3 girl friends will be there and 2 boy friends will be there. When ever my boy friends are there she will tell them they ugly, to go away, and they are stupid Evan tho they were here before her and I don't like it she kinda keeps me away from my friends because "i can't trust them" (her words). It's kinda annoying because she's not taking the time to get to know them so no wonder she can't trust them but that's no reason for her to be mean. I usually go to place my friends mom works with my friends and sometimes my girlfriend comes with me but when she dose I'm either only talking to my gf while my friends are there, or I'm talking to my friends and my gf gets annoyed saying I'm ignoring her and leaves. I don't know what to do because she's always in need of attention. As I'm writing this she is on call with me. OwO. Also here's something to trigger you, and me. She thinks you can change your sexualiy whenever you want, she's has been; asexual, to lessbain, asexual, lessbain to bisexual case she can't decide what one to be to lesbain. 😁😁😤😀😀. IV tryed telling her that's not how it works but she's like yeah it is. Help me. That's all baii!
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