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Relationships. Gaspard Ulliel has been in relationships with Jordane Crantelle (2009 - 2013), Charlotte Casiraghi (2007) and Cécile Cassel (2005 - 2007).. About. Gaspard Ulliel is a 35 year old French Actor. Born on 25th November, 1984 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, he is famous for Le pacte des loups / Brotherhood of the wolves in a career that spans 1997–present. On 25-11-1984 Gaspard Ulliel (nickname: Gaspar) was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France. He made his 8 million dollar fortune with Saint Laurent, The Art of Love, Le refuge. The actor & model is dating Gaelle Pietri, his starsign is Sagittarius and he is now 35 years of age. French actor Gaspard Ulliel and his partner Gaelle Pietri pose as they arrive for the screening of the film 'Saint-Laurent' at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France,... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Gaspard Ulliel (French pronunciation: [ɡaspaʁ yljɛl]; born 25 November 1984) is a French actor and model. He is best known for portraying serial killer Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising (2007) and fashion mogul Yves Saint Laurent in the biopic Saint Laurent (2014), and for being the face of the Chanel men's fragrance, Bleu de Chanel. The face of Chanel men’s fragrance Bleu de Chanel, Gaspard Ulliel, is a French actor and model. This monsieur was praised for his portrayal of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in the movie Hannibal Rising in 2007.. Moreover, Ulleil is also the recipient of the 2017 Cesar Award for Best Actor, which he got for the movies ‘It’s Only the End of the World.’ ... French actor Gaspard Ulliel and his partner Gaelle Pietri pose as they arrive for the screening of the film 'Saint-Laurent' at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 17, 2014.

looking for artist to collab with

2017.01.10 20:39 Demonmonkey24 looking for artist to collab with

i'm looking for an artist to partner up with and make submissions with. i cant pay anything but we could work together as a team.and if you need a writer to help you i can do that too. no reason we cant help each other. the comic i'm working on is a fictional western it's not a traditional western its more like if you mixed judge dredd,kill bill,and the dollars trilogy together i'm new to comic book writing and don't have experience but i'm willing to work for free if you are. if you are interested please email me at [email protected] thank you. this is a sample of the script so you can get an idea if you like it
 Iron Horse # 1/Michael Howe 
Panel 1: splash- a town, it should take up two pages, it looks like if las vegas was around during the old west. it also has to have kind of a grit look to it like the the dollars trilogy . the whole series should have this feel. In a smaller panel within the page is a tavern very gaudy painted in shiny black and white with a big sign that says THE WHITE KEYS. in another panel on the page is a man slender build slick back hair and clean shaven kind of like this dressed in a dark colored suite with a evil grin.
  1. Narration: Rosewood, A town of destitute known only as a place to stop for the night. But with the war raging on between the North and the South rosewood has become prosperous with the help of cheap liquor,gambling and women.
  2. Narration: One place seemingly more prosperous is a tavern in the middle of the town known as the white keys. owned by one of the most powerful names in all of the south. Johnathan White.
  3. Narration: He made his fortune in the railroad industry, as well as using his railroads as the main transport of all confederate supplies.
     Iron Horse # 1/Michael Howe 
Panel 1: wide shot- the white keys tavern, there's broken windows blood puddles broken tables and chairs. the whole bar is messed up like a fight of a shoot out happened. 1.Mayor Chestpit (off): there was nothing i could've done, PLEASE NOO!
Panel 2: cu- a man tied to a chair his face bloody and swollen he's a little hunched over.
2.Mayor Chestpit: p...pleease...stop 3.Johnathan White(off): ohh thats not really up to me at this point.
Panel 3: over the shoulder shot-three men standing over mayor chestpit, one is holding a gun with the butt end covered in blood and the other two have their sleeves rolled up andtheir knuckles have blood on them they all have red sashes around their waists.
4.Johnathan White(off): it's more of if you want say what the fuck ! Happened to My MONEY!!
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2015.05.13 17:38 THORneedsANOTHER Who would be on your "Freebie" list?

I'm watching the Friends episode where they build their lists and I'm curious.
For those unfamiliar. A freebie list is a list of 5 celebrities that you are allowed to sleep with without your partner being upset. If you don't have a partner, make one for your future gf/bf to sign off on (:
Mine would be:
Note: Brandon Flowers would be at the top of the list but he's married so it seems like a waste of a slot (; Same goes for Chris Hemsworth
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French actor Gaspard Ulliel and his partner Gaelle Pietri ...